EKG Certification

EKG Technician Certificate

The EKG technician certificate is offered by several professional bodies.

Each of these examinations tests the same base of knowledge, and their certifications are functionally equivalent. Click our Review for the Test page to see exactly what is covered on the different exams.

 Qualifying for the Exam

EKG technology is one of the few diagnostic technologies without an extensive training period. The necessary techniques and skills can be learned on the job or in a formal classroom setting. Trade and vocational schools offer courses, typically 50 classroom hours long, that teach the use of standard ECG equipment, the administration of treadmill-based stress tests and the use of the portable Holter ECG monitor. In order to take the professional exam offered by any of these certification bodies, a candidate must hold a high school diploma and either have six months’ clinical training in ECG testing or have completed a training program.

Examination Locations, Cost and Length

Your EKG school will be your best resource for information about when and where you will take your test. Many schools are contracted with one of the organizations listed above. If so, the school will give you the test at the end of your training course. If not, you will go to a testing center to take the test. Testing centers are located throughout the United States. The test is typically two hours long and consists of 100 to 150 multiple-choice questions. The cost ranges from $85 to $160. Some schools will pay for your testing fee the first time you take the test. Be sure to ask about this when you are searching for your training program. For detailed information about the material on the test, check out our Review for the Test page.

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